Kane Williamson the quiet leader plots downfall of Virat Kohli’s India

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Keep dreaming.Game completely depends upon the toss. If India bats first then it will be easy win :cricket_bat_and_ball::cricket_bat_and_ball::cricket_bat_and_ball::cricket_bat_and_ball:

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great match. NZ won for 17 runs and gave a stunner to India :confused:

I dont think so. NZ were just lucky

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What ? NZ bowlers very good with the new ball. Thats what matters in a chase

:rofl::rofl: India were 5-3 after 3 overs. This wouldn’t happen on a regular day. But NZ were able to do it on a day where it mattered the most.

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Thats true. Luck was in NZ favor firstly with the NRR and secondly with the rain.

Lets see their performance in the finals :wink:

England are in a very strong position now. Lets see

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Yes. At least we are going to have a new champion :wink:

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By the way. who do you think will win the Man of the tournament award ?

Someone from the Winning team ? If not I would go with Shakib Al Hasan. Great show by him

I would go with Rohit Sharma or Joe Root.

There is a poll for this in this forum. You can vote here:

Looks like missed a lot of fun

I would go with Shakin Al Hasan.

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I like this paragraph :wink: Where did you copy from ?

Lol !!! Copied from lorum ipsun