Aladdin 2019 early review

Aladdin 2019 early review
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Hello everyone,
I had the chance to see the Aladdin remake early in Manhattan thanks to a Broadway Facebook group I’m in.

Here’s my take on it:

Will Smith was actually pretty funny as the Genie. Nobody can top Robin Williams’ performance, but Will Smith definitely makes the character his own (with a short Robin tribute at one point. Won’t spoil it).

Mena Massoud was great as Aladdin. He’s got a pretty decent singing voice (if there was any auto tune, it wasn’t obvious)

Naomi Scott killed it as Jasmine. She gets a new Let-It-Go style power ballad that was really good.

Just like suspected, Jafar was horribly miscast. He wasn’t intimating at all. Iago at one point was more terrifying that Jafar.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I originally had zero intentions of seeing the film based on the previews, but when this opportunity popped up, I decided “why not?,” and I was glad I did.

If I had to give it a score out of 10, I’d say it’s probably around a 7.5.